1. What is the goal of the game?

To join the 2 corner words using as few words as necessary. Words can be joined to each other by adding new words to the graph that are similar in meaning to words that are already there. For an extra challenge, see if you can get your average connection between each word as high as possible.

2. I added a word to the graph, but it didn't form any links. What gives?!

If a word doesn't form any links, it's because that the word is too dissimilar to the words that are already in the graph. You can see how similar words are to each other by clicking on the word and looking at the information displayed in the sidebar. For a link to form between 2 words, they must have a similarity of more than 38%.

3. How does Linxicon determine how similar words are to each other?

Behind the scenes, words are entered into a machine learning model that returns a score which indicates how similar words are to each other. If you want to learn more about the model used, click here to the documentation on SentenceTransformers.

4. Is it possible to lose?

There can only be a maxiumum of 50 words on the board before the game ends, even if the corner words haven't been connected.

5. Why are some words not allowed?

The game doesn't allow words that are under 3 letters, more than 15 letters, proper nouns, hyphenated, or contractions. If there's a word that doesn't meet this criteria that isn't being accepted by the game, let me know.

6. Why do links between words sometimes break?

If a single word has many links to other words, some of them may broken. To avoid this, try to build chains of words rather than concentrating all your words on the middle.

7. Does Linxicon have a privacy policy?

Click this link to see Linxicon's privacy policy.